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Professor Mark Walterfang

Professor Mark Walterfang


Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Professor Mark Walterfang graduated in medicine from University of Queensland with honours in 1993, and completed his Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2000. He then worked as a consultant psychiatrist at the Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit at Sunshine Hospital and as a consultant neuropsychiatrist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuropsychiatry Unit for two years. Dr Walterfang has also been involved in the development in a number of clinical tools for use in psychiatric patients in the areas of cognition and behavioural observation, and their validation in a variety of medical, neurological and psychiatric settings since 2000. In 2010 he completed his PhD in the neuroimaging of white matter in psychiatric disorders. His continuing research involves the neuroimaging and neuropsychiatric investigation of neurometabolic disorders including phenylketonuria and Niemann-Pick disease type C, and in shape analysis of cortical and subcortical regions in neurodegenerative disorders. He has published over 170 Medline-indexed scientific papers, and recently contributed a new chapter on the Neuropsychiatry of Neurometabolic and Neuroendocrine Disorders to the world's most respected reference text in psychiatry, Kaplan and Sadock's "Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry".

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