Education and training

We are a highly reputable and popular training destination for Psychiatry Trainees, Medical Students, Allied Health Students, self-funded Clinical Fellows and Clinical Observers (nationally and internationally).

Trainees come to The Royal Melbourne Hospital because Neuropsychiatry is here.

Only through training in a specialist service can psychiatrists learn about imaging, genetics, metabolic medicine, epilepsy, and rare disorders.

Psychiatrists need to know much more about brain function, and neurologists need to know much more about the neuropsychiatric dimensions of their patient’s illnesses.

Our training program

RANZCP psychiatry trainees

We currently offer four psychiatry training positions. These positions are for doctors undertaking psychiatry training through the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. The four positions include full time 12 month positions:   Inpatient Neuropsychiatry registrar , Neuropsychiatry Epilepsy and Neurostimulation registrar, Young Onset Dementia registrar and Epworth Hospital Neuropsychiatry registrar.(Richmond). These positions are adevrtised each year in July, with interviews in August.

Overseas clinical fellow positions for psychiatrists / neurologists or psychiatry / neurology trainees.

We are able to provide clinical training positions to overseas psychiatrists or psychiatry trainees though these need to be funded by the trainee or their own health service. These roles require registration through AHPRA and successful completion of the IELTS. The process will usually take about 12 months.

RMH Neuropsychiatry Clinical Fellowship Information Sheet and FAQs

Clinical observers

We offer 3 month clinical observer positions for local and overseas health professionals. Due to the popularity of these observerships, it is advisable to register your interest with the Director of Neuropsychiatry, Professor Dennis Velakoulis as early as possible. The administrative process for overseas health professionals will generally take about 3 months.

RMH Neuropsychiatry Clinical Observer Information Sheet and FAQs

Medical students

Medical student placements are organised through the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School. Medical students from Australian Universities, such as the University of Melbourne, wishing to undertake an elective in Neuropsychiatry will need to contact the RMH Clinical School in the first instance (P: 03 9342 7381) who will contact  Professor Dennis Velakoulis.

Allied health students

Neuropsychiatry will host students from the allied health disciplines (neuropsychology, social work, occupational therapy, art therapy). These positions are is co-ordinated through relevant universities and not through direct contact with Neuropsychiatry.

Art therapy

The Neuropsychiatry Centre working in collaboration with the Department of Public Health and School of Psychology and Public Health at Latrobe University who provide a Masters of Art Therapy course to a small cohort of students each year.

The program is designed according to the standards of the Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association (ANZATA) - the professional body representing art therapists in Australia. The course provides training to students to combine skills in counselling/ psychotherapy with skills in visual art so that they may enter into a therapeutic relationship with culturally diverse clients of all age groups.

Neuropsychiatry currently offers a clinical placement, each year, to a student within this program. This provides the opportunity to carry out art therapy based in a mental health and health care setting under the supervision of an onsite clinical practitioner.

To learn more about our Education and Training Programmes, please reach out to us at:

Student quotes:

“Outstanding placement experience with both phenomenal support and extraordinary learning opportunities for budding neuropsychologists in training! We felt like a respected part of the team and there’s been no shortage of new things to learn from everyone here. Many, many thanks. Onwards and upwards indeed!”
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Our training program
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Professional development

The team are committed to building capacity in the health workforce by developing and delivering specialist education and training on selected neuropsychiatry-related topics for medical professionals, clinical and research services.

We provide ongoing opportunities for clinicians, medical professionals, and researchers in the field to participate in a range of in-person and online talks, presentations, webinars and seminars on a range of specialist topics.  We are involved in multidisciplinary meetings or case conferences with other services, as well as patient and carer support.

We are also regularly invited to present at national and international conferences and seminars.

Webinars, talks and presentations coming soon.

View our Clinical resources

Learn more about our Community engagement

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Professional development
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Community  education

We offer a range of education and training programs and sessions suited to support the specific needs of people living with neuropsychiatric disorders and illness, their families and carers, health professionals and community services, and the general community.

All education, training and professional development opportunities are delivered by our multidisciplinary specialist team, who are also highly experienced facilitators.
Please Email for more information and enquiries.

Younger onset dementia presented by Professor Dennis Velakoulis - View video here

'DBS for OCD' presented by Dr Sarah Farrand at the University of Melbourne's Department of Psychiatry Seminar Series in November 2021. View video here

'Younger Onset Dementia and the Caring Role' presented by Dr Wendy Kelso, as part of the Dementia Australia Expert Webinar Series 2021. View video here

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Community  education
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