"Without access to those who know all there is to know about young onset dementia, you are missing out on best practice." - Mandy

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About us

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuropsychiatry Centre is an internationally recognised clinical and clinical research centre with expertise across the breadth of neuropsychiatric disorders. We are based in Parkville, close to  the Melbourne CBD. The Neuropsychiatry Centre provides multidisciplinary comprehensive neuropsychiatric assessment and diagnostic services by referral from mental health clinics, general practitioners, specialists and memory clinics within Victoria.  As the only purpose-built inpatient clinic of its kind in Australia, we will  accept inpatient and outpatient referrals from health services and clinicians nationally and internationally.

We adopt a unique multidisciplinary approach, with our team having a high level of expertise and knowledge across the disciplines of neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, neurology, occupational therapy, speech pathology,  social work and specialist mental health and general nursing; working in partnership to provide patients and their families with the comprehensive assessment and management advice they need and deserve.

What is neuropsychiatry?

Neuropsychiatry sits at the clinical interface of psychiatry, neurology and general medicine, and is committed to understanding brain-behaviour relationships and caring for individuals who suffer from neuropsychiatric illness. The specialty is frequently referred to as ‘organic’ psychiatry and addresses the issues of mental health disorders and biological brain disease.
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The Modern Neuropsychiatrist
Neuropsychiatrists see patients with a wide range of disorders of behaviour, emotion or cognition associated with organic brain disease, particularly neurological or neurodegenerative disorders.

As well as psychiatric expertise, the modern neuropsychiatrist has knowledge of neuroimaging, neuropharmacology and psychopharmacology, cognition, genetics and rare neuropsychiatric conditions and has access to these assessments and respective services.

Our Consultant Neuropsychiatrist on the Neuropsychiatry Team at RMH, Dr Samantha Loi, shares her experience in A Day in the Life of a Neuropsychiatrist

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Who do we see?

Our team has specialist knowledge and expertise in the diagnosis and management of disorders that too often fall "through the gaps" in the health care system.

We see adults with a wide range of disorders of behaviour, emotion and/or cognition associated with neurological and psychiatric illness for diagnostic assessment. These disorders include:

  1. Psychiatric illnesses with associated cognitive, behavioural or functional disturbances who are suspected of having alternative causes for these changes
  2. Atypical and younger onset dementias with psychiatric and behavioural changes.
  3. Movement disorders such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Psychiatric illness associated with brain insults, or with abnormalities on brain (or neuro) imaging.
  5. Neurological and medical illnesses with consequent psychiatric symptoms, such as epilepsy.
  6. Deep brain stimulation for treatment resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder
  7. Diagnostically difficult presentations where there has already been significant specialist input and opinion.

Our vision and values

The Neuropsychiatry Team is committed to meeting its goals, within a philosophy which embraces the needs of the patient and their family. These goals are:

To consistently deliver and build upon the high level of specialist assessment and care provided to patients and their families.

To employ a multidisciplinary approach in comprehensively assessing the impact of mental illness, neuropsychiatric, neurocognitive, neurodegenerative, and neurological disorders on the patient's daily function and lifestyle.

To create a supportive environment for patients, their families, carers and supporters, and staff.

To continue conducting world-leading, internationally-recognised research to improve the evidence-based treatment and management of neuropsychiatric, neurocognitive, neurodegenerative, and neurological disorders.

We are the mental health service of The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Find out more about The Royal Melbourne Hospital, our vision and values.

Meet the team

Our multidisciplinary team has over 100 years combined knowledge and experience in the assessment, diagnostic, discharge planning/follow up management and care of patients.