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Professor Dennis Velakoulis

Professor Dennis Velakoulis


Clinical Director & Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Professor Dennis Velakoulis is a consultant neuropsychiatrist and director of the Neuropsychiatry Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital. Following graduation from the University of Melbourne in Medicine, Dr Velakoulis completed a Diploma of Criminology before successfully completing his Fellowship for the RANZCP and a Masters of Medicine in Psychiatry in neuroimaging. Following this he was appointed an NH&MRC Fellow at the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, where he worked in Cognitive Neuropsychiatry and began orld-leading research into the volumetric measurement of the hippocampus and other brain regions in schizophrenia, publishing in journals such as The Lancet and high-impact psychiatric journals including Archives of General Psychiatry. He has published over 400 Medline-indexed scientific papers. He continues to be involved in research into first-episode and established schizophrenia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Huntington's disease and early-onset dementia. In 2012 he successfully completed his doctoral DMedSci work examining neuroimaging and neuropathological markers of cortical change in schizophrenia.

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